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What is Discharge rate?

The discharge rate of a cistern is the actual water quantity that leaves the cistern during the flush process and not the contents (volume) of the tank.

What is the meaning of Flow rate 2.0 1/s?

For a high flush, flow efficiency in horizontal drains a flow rate of at least 2.5 1/s is required.

What are basic requirement of flush efficiency?

The main judgment of flush efficiency in a water closet is the proper flushing out of waste and paper.

During the first half of the flush process a half cistern is empty, the above mentioned solid matters should have left the water closet.

If paper and waste pass too late or not at all, the reason might be an insufficient flow rate of the cistern or the construction of the water closet.

How to judge insufficient flow efficiency?

. Due to flow rate per second, which results in a low hydraulic depth of flow in the horizontal branch drain

. Due to less gradient (slope) or to small flush quantity, which result in a low velocity of water flow in the horizontal branch drain. The critical limit in this pipe section is 0.6 m/s.

Modern technology is a boon to mankind, considering it lives up to its promise.

At Commander Watertech, continually delivering advanced flushing systems with latest technology has been the impeccable norm since 1961. Backed by this solid reputation and the sincere desire for customer satisfaction, Commander Watertech presents the seal of trust which represents your firm convictions and belief in us. We in turn will continue to uphold this trust with utmost care and commitment. With customer service our forte, our wide range of high quality products will always perform... with trust.