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Slim Dual Flush

Slim Dual Flush

The water saver - money saver cistern


Thanks to the Commander Slim Dual Flush Cisterns with the 'Large Eco- Handle', your cistern will be able to save up to 65% of the water used by a conventional cistern (large handle will flush 3 litres and small handle 6 litres). This means that the Slim Dual Flush will pay for itself in no time.

These figures count for 365 days of use in a 4 person household. The twin volume technology provides the following saving:

Conventional Cistern Slim Dual Flush Cistern
   Handle Type    Conventional    Small    Large
   Usage per day    5 Times    4 Times    Once
   Cistern Capacity    10 Litres    3 Litres    6 Litres
   Consumption    50 Litres    12 Litres    6 Litres
   Total Consumption    50 Litres    18 Litres

Total saving: 50 litres - 18 litres =32 litres per person
=128 litres per household per day
=46,720 litres per household per year

Warranty : 5 years

With water costs of Rs. 4.00 per 1000 litres, and drainage at Rs. 2.00,
the total saving of Rs. 6.00 per 1000 litres is Rs. 280.00 per cistern per year.
  • India's first Green Cistern with 65% Water Savings
  • 6/3 liters cistern manufactured as per IS 7231 :1994
  • Egret is not just a 6/3 liters cistern it also has a
    capacity of accommodating 10 liters of water when siphon overflow is in open position.
  • Compatible with all leading Sanitaryware of IS 2556 : 2004
  • Egret is a highly efficient & compact product
  • Additional Internal Overflow
  • Inlet valve manufactured as per IS 13049 :1991 to sustain pressure of 15kg/cm�
  • Rigorously tested Inlet Valve as per Australian standards
    for 2, 00,000 cycles for beta valve as against Indian standards
    for 3,000 cycles
  • Egret is Mosquito Proof Cistern as lid has a lip & an
    integral lock to ensure no mosquito enters the cistern