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Macerators & Pumps

Commander SFA : Macerators & Pumps

Add Sanitary and Utility Facilities wherever you want - Easily

  Macerators   Pumps
WC + washbasin
+ shower + bidet
WC + washbasin
SANISHOWER shower + washbasin SANISPEED
Dishwasher + sink
+ washing machine

WC with washbasin option
WC with washbasin option
SANICONDENSBoilers and air conditioner SANICUBIC
Lift station for a complete house

Operating principle of the Commander SFA System

The toilet is flushed, the water level rises and the SFA grinder motor cuts in automatically. The blades driven by the motor grind the contents up into tiny particles in 3 or 4 seconds. The finely ground particles are pumped out through a standard pipe just 22 or 32 mm in diameter. The tank is empty (apart from the water seal) and the system is ready for use again.